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Through that, a dark sense of dread simmers off the page. Admittedly, I feel like there was almost too much to digest in one reading of the novel.

The Broken Empire Series

One reading; however, is enough to realize that Lawrence has accomplished something quite powerful and resonant with this trilogy. All that having been said, the best compliment I can give Emperor of Thorns and the whole of The Broken Empire trilogy is that I will be re-reading the three books in the future. Lawrence has layered many details that beg for discovery upon a required multiple reading and with all three books now published, a successive reading from book one to book three uninterrupted. These three novels, the whole story, is a testament to how a smart, powerful story can be told with a framework of expectations that soon wends itself outside those expectations into something of brilliance.

The Broken Empire as a whole, and Emperor of Thorns in specific are must read novels of the genre. Review of Prince of Thorns.

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Review of King of Thorns. These references felt disjointed and because I had no time to consider them because I was reading this book in audiobook format and the narrator flew part them. Speaking of which, the audiobooks for this series are so really well done, if not for anything but the writing at least, go check it out! My second gripe about the narration is that he does some abysmally awful female voices… I never saw Chella as sexy as a result.

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I really did not understand why it had to be there? Yes, we all know that Jorg pissed the Dead King off and we all know that the Dead King is powerful we did not need to see everything from her perspective.

My guess is that if Lawrence would have taken those parts out and dedicated them more to the Vyene Congression maybe the ending would not have felt as rushed as it was. To what purpose was this all achieved?

My guess is that before he died he wanted to be the emperor who united the Broken Empire to defeat a common foe, even if it meant that he would keep the title for just a few minutes. I am not even kidding, the title of this book is so ironic. Jorg fills his role as Emperor of the Broken Empire for a whopping 30 minutes and then he dies! But does he die achieving nothing… Well, surprisingly no. He did accomplish something.

Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence: | Books

He managed to free his younger brother of his hatred of him by accompanying him to heaven and turning the wheel of the world — which I think it was a metaphor for him writing his wrongs. In doing so he managed to save his empire from being whipped out by the Builders who had a plan to annihilate mankind should the magic of the world become far too unnatural.

The world was really close to being destroyed if Jorg had not died and helped his brother turn the wheel, because necromancy was about to decimate everything in the Broken Empire. In my opinion this was a fitting ending for Jorg, redeeming even, seeing as in the end he righted his wrongs and was reunited with his brother.

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And no, Chella, he did not go to hell! Chella saying that the Dead King was younger than Jorg 2.

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His subsequently infuriating Jarco and the latter dying at the hands of the Commander was pure genius! If nothing, the safety of his family is the driving motivator of this book and that makes him unbelievably likeable.