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Under the Hood: Story and Characters of NFS Heat

Highs Friday were expected to be degrees in the Dallas and Oklahoma City metro areas; degrees in parts of western Oklahoma; and degrees in Shreveport, Louisiana. The hot temperatures will combine with high humidity, which could be lethal to some people, forecasters said. They were warning that children, older people, those without air conditioning and outdoor workers will be particularly at risk.

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But looking much beyond that will not be easy, he adds. The predictability just drops. Featured Video.

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Topics Climate Change extreme weather meteorology heat. He is in the midst of being deposed by the British, and views having a mixed-race heir as the ultimate revenge.

Suspecting that the Nawab is the child's father, Olivia has an abortion in secret with Harry and the Begum's help, pretending to have a miscarriage. However, Olivia continues bleeding and is admitted to the hospital, where Dr. Crawford immediately discovers her ruse.

How bad is it going to get this week?

Olivia runs away from the hospital early in the morning, eloping with the Nawab to Kashmir. She leaves Douglas broken-hearted, though he eventually remarries. Like Olivia, Anne gets pregnant and she also decides to get an abortion, but backs down at the last minute. The Indian diet makes Chid fall sick and he returns to the United States.

Anne also leaves behind the heat and dust of Satipur. She travels to the snowy mountains of Kashmir where Olivia spent her last years in solitude, seldom visited by the Nawab. Anne plans to bear her child in a hospital nearby. The screenplay for the film was written by the writer herself.

What It Feels Like to Die from Heat Stroke

Jhabvala planned Heat and Dust while writing the screenplay for Autobiography of a Princess , which had a similar theme. The novel was also influenced by E. Forster 's A Passage to India which dealt with the English in India and the cultural factors that separate them from the country's natives. Heat and Dust also borrows from Forster's own life in the construction of two characters: the Nawab and his English close friend Harry. They were inspired by Forster and his younger friend J. In Hindoo Holiday J.

Record heat wave in Europe

Ackerley leaves an account of his experience as secretary to an Indian Maharaja in the city of Chhatarpur ; while Forster's The Hill of Devi recounts his experiences when he was secretary of the Maharaja of Dewas , in central India. The novel was made into a film by Merchant Ivory Productions , an independent production company founded in to make art-house films.

They were for the most part produced by Ismael Merchant, directed by James Ivory, with scripts usually written by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. I wanted Heat and Dust not only to celebrate our twenty-one years together, but to unite all three of us again in India, as The Householder had- but with a much larger theme, and I hoped, with much more money.

Ruth wrote the screenplay, and as usual, I submitted it to all the Hollywood studios, who politely—and not so politely declined—one executive wrote, saying, we are returning Ruth Jhabvala's Eat my Dust. We knew we must find our financing in Europe. The cast and crew continued working despite not being paid. The film was entered into the Cannes Film Festival. As a whole, Heat and Dust was Merchant Ivory's biggest commercial success up to that date.

The film garnered a favorable critical reaction.

Writing for The New York Times , Vincent Canby commented: "If the contemporary story is not as involving as that of Olivia and the Nawab, it's partly because the contemporary problems are far more prosaic. It's as if the passage of time that witnessed the independence of India and its partition, as well the introduction of jet travel for the budget-minded, had neutralized all possibility of heroic romance Ivory and Mrs.

Jhabvala have been working together so long that it's difficult for an outsider to know exactly who contributed what to any of their collaborations.